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Fueling success and redefining it.
What does success mean through the lens of a child?

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When we think about the term “success,” many definitions come to mind. It’s common to relate success to earning a lot of money, having a big following, or owning plenty of material possessions.

To us at Sneakz, success is about something different: the journey toward personal greatness. There is no better example of success than watching children identify their gifts and passions, and cheering them on as they explore and express them out in the world.

This year, we’ll be following the journeys of seven kids from around the country as they pursue their interests—from traveling around the world with their parents, to surfing early in the morning before school, to preparing for the Junior Olympics.

The stories we’ll be sharing aren’t about getting straight A’s or winning fancy awards. Rather, they are stories of becoming. They are stories of personal evolution, infectious curiosity, and the bold pursuit of dreams.

Isaac & Elliot

Houston, TX

Isaac and Elliot are from Houston, TX. They love basketball, and are both Junior Olympic runners. One of the fun rituals they do together as brothers is writing down their personal goals on a whiteboard in their room. They love to travel abroad with their family, and recently took a trip to China to see the Great Wall for the first time! We can’t wait to see where they go on their next adventure.


Engineered for Adventure with Sam Chaneles

As an engineer as avid adventurer, Sam Chaneles finds a sweet spot for his passions and gifts in planning and executing some of the most beautiful and the most challenging expeditions the earth has to offer.

Why Sneakz

Everything was going along great. My son was three years old and ate anything and everything my wife or I set in front of him. Spinach? No problem, down it went. Carrots, peas, broccoli, kale; no sweat. Eggs, oatmeal, again, easy. Turn your head for a second and the plate was clean. Protein, grains, healthy fats – didn’t matter - he ate ‘em.