Why Sneakz

by Jeff Robbins, CEO of Sneakz Organic

Everything was going along great. My son was three years old and ate anything and everything my wife or I set in front of him. Spinach? No problem, down it went. Carrots, peas, broccoli, kale; no sweat. Eggs, oatmeal, again, easy. Turn your head for a second and the plate was clean. Protein, grains, healthy fats – didn’t matter - he ate ‘em.

Then one morning he just stopped eating. 

Well, almost. He’d eat Mac and Cheese. He’d eat cheese pizza. He’d eat a grilled cheese sandwich. Pancakes. And that was it.

sneakz story

So we started experimenting. Veggies were the key. It's not easy to hide veggies in most foods. Green pancakes were not a hit. Sprinkle anything on the Mac and Cheese and he wouldn’t eat it. You could bake the vegetables in, blend them in, smash and mash them in; no go. The kid was a like a food detective. He could taste it or smell it. And of course, if he noticed anything different (which he always did), wouldn’t eat it.

Gradually, over time, he started trying more and more foods. But it was years of failed experiments, stress and worries. Is he getting enough nutrition for his growth? How’s this affecting his immune system? His brain development? Will he grow up healthy? (Alright, maybe we worried too much but we’re parents - lack of proper nutrition does have many negative effects on children. Good nutrition and sleep are some of the key elements for a healthy, happy child). There had to be a better, faster way to proper nutrition.

 A few years later I ran across Sneakz.

Sneakz was founded by two Food and Beverage Industry experts. They had spent their careers in the health-food industry developing natural and organic foods for major brands. They developed Sneakz veggie shakes to help their nephews and nieces get more vegetables into their diet. Simple idea. Natural whole food product.

What? An easy way to get vegetables into kids. And it was organic. With no artificial colors or flavors? Where was this when I needed it?!

We tested and tasted the products. My son loved them. His Jiu Jitsu class loved them. The science club loved them. Do you want great and entertaining feedback on your product? Let a bunch of kids at ‘em. I promise you’ll get honest responses.

We were sold. We invested in the company and continue to invest in the company. We believe in the mission. We believe in whole food nutrition. We believe in making it easy for parents to get vegetable nutrition into their children’s diets. 

And a funny thing happened as we became more and more involved. Grandparents started drinking Sneakz. Adults started drinking Sneakz. We noticed that not only do kids need more vegetables in their diets but adults also need more vegetables in their diets. Seniors need more vegetables in their diets.

We all need more vegetables.

Time to get to work and develop new products for new market demands. We’ve developed Sneakz protein drink mix with probiotics and plant-based protein for the entire family. We’ve developed Meal Replacement drink mixes with double the vegetables, the most complete organic natural vitamin blend available, probiotics, and the adaptogen, Ashwagandha, for anyone looking for quick and easy whole food nutrition meal. Both new products are also perfect for our vegan fans, and we’ll have a Meal Replacement shake out by the end of the year. It'll actually be the only organic, whole-food nutrition shake on the market to meet the needs of seniors.

We pledge to continue the development of vegetable and plant-based products to meet the needs of the whole family. If you need something; let us know. We’ll get to work on it.


I’m happy to report my son, a teenager now, again, eats anything you put in front of him. His days as a food detective are put to use at a local cooking school for kids where he volunteers as a chef’s assistant. He loves food – and vegetables. He loves Jiu Jitsu. And science. And he still drinks a Sneakz Vanilla shake a day. 

Time to find something else to worry about.