When Kids Know What’s in Sneakz

Three families in Connecticut recently got a sneak peek at Sneakz ahead of its nationwide rollout, and the informal taste test was a resounding success.

This was by no means a foregone conclusion, as some of the young reviewers are vehemently anti-vegetable and able to read, which gave them a heads-up about the healthy ingredients.

One savvy pair of brothers, 8 and 10, read the carton containing their Sneakz chocolate milkshakes and were skeptical, says their mom, Maria Gonzalez, of East Lyme. “The 10-year-old immediately said, ‘Five vegetables?’ And the 8-year-old scanned the label and gave me the ‘really?’ look,” says Gonzalez. But despite the presence of superfoods like spinach and beets, the two agreed to try Sneakz … and happily finished them.

“They thought the shakes were really good, even knowing about the vegetables,” says Gonzalez. “Their 4-year-old sister just liked looking at Bandit the Fox on the carton, and loved her strawberry milkshake.” A pro-vegetable 7-year-old actually attributed the scrumptiousness of Sneakz to the vegetables. “He tasted it first, and then read about the vegetables,” says his mom, Rebecca Hawkins, of Salem.

Consuming a 1/2 Serving of Daily Veggies is Easy

“He said, ‘Oh, that’s what makes it so good.’ I’m lucky he likes vegetables, but he definitely has a limit when it comes to how many he’ll eat. So I’m glad to know he can get more in a milkshake he likes.” And another 7-year-old, who is an avid reader, was so taken with Bandit the Fox that she didn’t even look at the ingredients. “She thought the fox was really cute,” says her mom, Amy Martin, of Colchester. “And she just liked the milkshake because it was chocolate—she had no idea there were veggies in it.

My kids love chocolate milk, so I love that this is an organic alternative that provides another way to get more veggies into their diets.” It’s an alternative that works even for kids who can read the ingredients, vegetable lovers and loathers alike, because they simply like the way Sneakz tastes.