The Inside Scoop On Sneakz Meal2Go

Once upon a time, a team of passionate people saw an opportunity to create something delicious to help parents with picky eaters on their hands. They were on a mission to infuse whole, nutrient dense vegetables into something kids would love, and parents would approve.

Lo and behold, the Sneakz Organic Milkshakes were born.

Then, a funny (though not actually too surprising) thing happened...

Adults started drinking Sneakz.

I mean, why wouldn't they, right? The milkshakes are both healthy and delicious. They are easy to grab and go, and comprised of a short list of simple ingredients that are pure and pronounceable compared to most of the other products stocking the shelves for active adults. So, in late 2018, we set out to create a new solution for an evolved set of needs.

"Whole Food Nutrition to Fuel Your Best Life" - is the mission and intention guiding our path. What's more, we believe that life should be two things - healthy and happy. While the original aim was directed towards kids, we got to thinking, maybe we should start making products for the entire family.

Introducing Sneakz Meal2Go | Complete Adult Nutrition

No need to reinvent the wheel here; we knew we had to enhance the nutrient levels and simply do more of the same to create a pure, whole food product that satiated the on-the-go adult. 

Fuel to Sustain | Meal2Go Facts

Enjoy a complete plant-based blend of pea, cranberry, pumpkin protein, energy enhancing ancient grains, a full serving of daily vegetables, 17 vitamins and minerals, and 1 billion CFU (equivalent to consuming 10 yogurts) of Ganedenbc30 probiotics.

Meal2Go combines an extensively researched blend of nutrients - Organic Vegetables, Probiotics, Plant-based Protein (including all essential Amino Acids), Ancient Grains, and Adaptogens - with the ease of an easily blendable powder so customers can choose how to incorporate its goodness into their day. Smoothies, Protein Balls, Bars, Waffles, or just shaken with your base of choice in your shaker bottle - the options for how you take your Meal2Go are a real "choose your own adventure" scenario. Whatever makes you happy, with Meal 2 Go you can trust that it will be healthy.

Here's to fueling your best life - on the go!