Sneakz Offers a Healthy Exception to Consuming Yucky Veggies

Enjoy this CBS 8 News Segment with Larry Himmel narrating a cute Dr. Suess themed rhyme about Sneakz. Kids, parents, and news reporters love to sip the goodness!

CBS 8 Video Sneakz

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Larry Himmel Video Script 

It’s an age old question, how do you get your kids to eat healthy food?

Well how about tricking them

Tonight Larry Himmell introduces us to sneakz, a chocolate milk product filled with veggies

Some folks may want to ban 64 oz cups from thirsty fools

Other applause meatless mondays,that now are in our schools

For the health of our children our scrutiny does increase

Trying to stop them from an epidemic that is obese

Its very frightening when you look at the facts

How much damage is done by their everyday snacks

But getting them to eat healthy Is no easy sale

When they want some ice cream and you offer kale

After soccer , a treat for your ladder lass?

They’ll want a slurpee

You give them wheatgrass

Perhaps the best way to please them takes a little deception

And a company called Sneakz

Offers a healthy exception

Now i’m not one to suggest that your kids be mislead

But what about a chocolate drink that's healthy instead

That’s just what Allison and her co founder have done

We wanted to take vegetables from yuck to yum

To take sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots

Quite nutritious

Add some dutch chocolate to make it taste delicious

It’s a combination that both kids and parents cheer

We’ve been on shelf in grocery stores since January of this year

Kacey Headley's husband chase plays in the bigs

And when it comes to Sneakz

Their son colt takes healthy swigs

This usually fussy eater

Likes to have his way

Now he probably drinks 4-5 of them a day

In this box the trade off

that every parent seeks

With a full serving of veggies

In every box of Sneakz

Fool me once fool me twice

Maybe even three

Think i’m drinking a malt or a milkshake

When i’m really drinking broccoli