Sneakz Appeals to Elderly as Nutritional Supplement through Medicaid

Sometimes an excellent product becomes that much better when another use for is made available. Vinegar, for example, is ideal for both cooking and cleaning. And many medications developed to cure a particular health problem have been found to remedy others.

Sneakz was created to help parents ensure their children consume a sufficient amount of vegetables. Now it joins the rank of versatile products gaining popularity among seniors seeking an alternative to long-limited nutritional supplement options. And one ardent 83-year-old fan is determined to see that Sneakz is made available through programs like Medicaid and more. 

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medicaid path to sneakz

Jane T. of Montana has multiple degrees, including an M.S.B.A. and Ph.D. in business administration from Columbia University and a degree in microbiology. As her educational pursuits would indicate, “I’m a person dedicated to research. I have to pursue information to the nth,” Jane says. “And I’m especially interested in understanding food and its effect on the body.”

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