Mother's Day Brunch Ideas Kids Can Help Make

From bandaging boo-boos to making special meals and snacks to reading favorite bedtime stories over and over again, moms spend countless hours taking care of their families, so we all know that they deserve to be pampered by the entire family on their special day.

How about giving mom some time to sleep in, catch up on her reading or spend some uninterrupted time pampering and treating her to her favorite drink or breakfast in bed? Brunch is easy to prepare and has "jobs" that even little ones can do with a little fatherly-supervision.

First, make a list of everything you’ll need. Locate ingredients and items like a tray, vase and pans beforehand so mom won’t be disturbed by clanking cupboards on Sunday morning.

Then, if you’re missing something, you still have time to pick it up before you’ve already started cooking. While you’re at the store, you can score bonus points by stocking up on shelf-stable Sneakz to cut down on her grocery trips. Note that it’s not quite as nice and as much of a surprise if you have mom do the shopping.

Being prepared is sure to help things go a bit smoother and quieter, and it can also mean less mess. And, speaking of messes, we hope that we don’t need to tell you that mom shouldn’t be the one cleaning up this time.

If you’re up to the task, we’ve rounded up some delicious recipes that are tailor-made for letting the kids help out: