Reviewing Three Popular Lunchbox Brands

review by Lunches and Littles

If you’re anything like me, at the beginning of a new school year we usually get our kids shiny new lunchboxes. You know, the ones they want, the ones that have fun characters on them, etc. - They’re happy. We're happy… Well, at least for a little while. But, when it comes to lunchbox choices that we see in a lot of stores, or that our kids simply want because they look cool, we don’t always stop to think about function. And with so many different choices out there, even if we did stop to think; where would we start? Square? Rectangle? Bento style? Hot/cold options? - Sure, some of this all depends on personal preference; what you want to pack, how old your kids are, etc. but some of it comes down to knowing what’s in the details. So, let’s talk about it!

I get at least a couple of messages/e-mails every week about lunchboxes. Followers (from over on my feed @lunchesandlittles) asking me what kind of lunchbox would be best for their preschooler, their second grader, etc. Now, I am not a lunchbox expert, but I have packed up a lot of lunches and snacks so far in my day, so I thought I would share three great lunchbox brands that we alternate between in our home; Planetbox, Yumbox and OmieBox. So, sit back and don’t worry - if you didn’t start the new school year off with the best choice in the lunchbox department, you can still start the new year off better! Keep reading, as I detail some popular choices that we personally use for school lunches, travel and even occasional lunches at home.


PlanetBox offers lunchboxes that are eco-friendly, stainless steel and come in 3 different sizes. The Rover (shown below on the right) has 5 separate compartments and is perfect for little ones who want a lot of choice. My oldest son (almost 5 years old) uses the Rover quite a bit for school and loves it. And I love that I’m able to give him lots of different options within the same box. This is definitely a great one to get if you have a picky eater who you regularly want to pack up a variety of foods for.
Another option is the PlanetBox Launch. This box holds the most amount of food (7 cups total) out of the different models that they offer, and with 3 larger compartments, it’s perfect for hungrier kids, teens or even adults. My husband will often use the Launch (shown below on the left) for work lunches, but I also use it when I want to pack up a salad, or a sandwich for my younger ones, because the largest compartment offers quite a bit of space for such things.
Lastly from Planetbox is the Shuttle. This box is considerably smaller than the Rover and Launch, but is the perfect size for a preschool lunch, snacks on the go, etc. The Shuttle has 2 different compartments and can be seen on the Planetbox website. We often use our Shuttle in the car, on trips, and got a lot of use out of it when our youngest was in half-day preschool and we just needed to pack him up a daily snack or two.
All 3 of these boxes from Planetbox are very well made and really help with portion sizes, while still allowing for a lot of different options to be packed up in a single box. Something our kids enjoy is that these boxes allow for all sorts of customization on the outside by way of magnet sets that come with the boxes, and additional ones that you can purchase separately (see picture above with robot magnet set). Planetbox also offers various accessories, including cups and containers in different sizes that fit right inside of the box (some shown below), allowing for even more division within compartments themselves. They also sell carrying bags and sleeves that their boxes fit perfectly in. the All lunchboxes from Planetbox are dishwasher safe and come with a 5-year warranty. No wonder they made my top 3! See their site for more information: Shop Planetbox here
(PRICE POINT: $39.95 - $59.95)


If you are looking for a truly leakproof, kid-friendly, lunchbox, Yumbox is a great option! It is a bento-style box designed for both kids and adults, and my kids love it! It is made with food safe materials and is completely BPA-free. One thing I love about this box is that it really is completely leak-proof. I created a simple video demonstrating this last year. See it here: Leak-Proof Yumbox. Another great thing is the price point. Of the three brands I am sharing with you, Yumbox Is the least expensive, making these boxes especially great if you want a leak-proof, well-designed box on a budget. These boxes are also perfect for little hands with their slim and compact design.
Yumboxes come in 4 different sizes. The Original Yumbox is probably the most popular one that I see every day on social media, etc. The Yumbox Original (shown below on the left) has 6 different compartments and this box is great for picky eaters, again like Planetbox, allowing all sorts of choices in one box. Yumbox also comes in 3 other sizes; the Yumbox Panino (4 compartments and shown below on the right), Yumbox Tapas (4 and 5 compartments and overall larger in size, and the Yumbox Mini Snack (3 compartments).
If you are looking for a sleek lunchbox design full of function, Yumbox is a great option. The removable trays (standard in all 4 sizes) are easy to clean and easy to fill. I also love that they are easy to store and stack, feature an easy-open latch and come in a wide range of colors and tray designs. These are all great boxes for different appetites and reasons. Take a look at their site; you’re sure to find a box that fits the needs of your children (and/ or you)! See their site for more information on all of these boxes: Shop Yumbox here
(PRICE POINT: $20.00 - $32.00)


If you follow me over on my feed, @lunchesandlittles, you already know how much we love our OmieBoxes. Last year when we discovered this company, it was an instant gamechanger. OmieBox offers 2 types of insulation, so you’re able to pack both hot and cold items in one box. Yeah, a serious gamechanger! 
Life before OmieBox included a lot of lunches with sandwiches, but with OmieBox we have a whole new range of go-to main options; soups, pastas, etc. – Now all sorts of leftovers can easily be packed up and enjoyed away from home. You just heat up the hot dish prior to packing and place it in the included thermos container. Hot foods stay warm in the OmieBox for 4-6 hours! These boxes will completely change the way you pack lunches and allow for a really great way to actually use up those leftovers sitting in your fridge!
The OmieBox also has a really sleek design that I love. The boxes are very well made and you’ll feel the quality as soon as you take it out of the shipping box. The Omiebox really is a smarter bento box that allows you to pack things up for lunch you’d never imagine could leave your dining room table. These boxes are completely leak proof and even includes a movable divider that can help you section off areas as you see fit! And, an added bonus: our Sneakz drink boxes all fit perfectly inside (as seen below). OmieBox lunchboxes come in 5 different colors, including Meadow, Pink Berry, Blue Sky, Sunshine and Purple Plum. See their site for more information: Shop OmieBox here
(PRICE POINT: $39.50)