How to Make Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

Thanksgiving brings families together to enjoy a hearty meal and good company. However, the holiday can be stressful for kids who may become overwhelmed by too many unfamiliar foods and unfamiliar faces at the Thanksgiving table. So, we’ve assembled a list of surefire hints for helping hosts and hostesses to make their Thanksgiving plans kid-friendly.

6 tips for a kid-friendly Thanksgiving

  1. Ease kids’ nervousness about meeting new people or reuniting with family members that they don't see often. Show pictures from the last family gathering and go over the names and a little bit about the people who will be at Thanksgiving. Then, be sure to make introductions on the day off, especially with other children.
  2. Take the time to make the kid's table more kid friendly. Check out these fun ideas from Martha Stewart. Our favorite is putting brown craft paper on the table for the placemat and providing crayons for drawing on the table. It’s an easy way to keep kids entertained and interacting no matter what their age.
  3. Keep little ones entertained and occupied. This list of 41 Thanksgiving Crafts Kids Can Make has ideas from turkey bowling to a paper pilgrim hat to festive crafts that teach about gratitude.
  4. Let them snack. Fun, festive appetizers like turkey (not actual turkey) fruit and veggie platters can appeal to kids and adults alike and help encourage everyone to eat their veggies.
  5. Offer some kid-friendly menu options like these easy, kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes or these delicious healthy Thanksgiving side dish alternatives for kids.
  6. Skip sugary soda and juice and give kids Sneakz milkshakes. Kids love the taste of our chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milks, and parents love that they’re sneaking in a half serving of veggies per 8 oz serving of skim organic milk. Encouraging kids to drink low-fat milk can help them avoid nutrient-void temptations during the holidays.