Healthy Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be filled with sweets to be fun. The best way to show little ones how much you love them is by making time to spend with them. Plan some special arts and crafts activities and prepare some yummy healthy treats, and they won’t even miss the extra sugar.

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And, we’ve rounded up 10 Valentine's Day crafts and activities that don't involve eating sweets.

Fingerprint Love Canvas: This fun and easy craft idea makes a beautiful piece of artwork that you’ll want to hang up to brighten a room.

Conversation hearts craft: Skip the sugary candy and make your own version of traditional Valentines conversation hearts with paper and watercolors. You can string them together to make garland or glue them to black construction paper for an eye-catching effect.

Celery stamp rose: When you cut a celery stalk down toward the bottom, it looks like a rose! It can be dipped in paint and used as a stamp. Try making a card with a single rose or a rose garden on a larger sheet of paper.

Potato Stamps: Carving a heart or XO design into a potato is easier than it sounds with this easy tutorial. The stamps are the perfect size for little hands and can be used to create cute Valentine’s Day cards.

Heart-shaped animals: From a lovebugs to a fox to an owl, here are heart-shaped animal crafts that you can make this Valentine’s Day.

Heart suncatchers: Brighten up your windows with these beautiful heart suncatchers. They're a great way to recycle tissue paper and gift boxes leftover from the holidays.

Love You to Pieces Suncatcher Card: This super cute and clever card combines a card with a cute saying and a removable suncatcher.

Sparkle fingerpainting: Swirl together red or pink paint and metallic glitter to create a lovely artwork.

Easy scribble valentines: This is a great idea for saving young toddlers early scribbles. It’s also a quick craft that can be done last-minute to whip up some valentines for a preschool class or friends and family.

Heart Handprint: This idea creates a silhouette of a heart from your child’s hand. This is great gift your child can give to mom, dad or their grandparents.