Our Top Healthy Mom Picks to Follow on Instagram in 2017

Amanda Watters

This former middle school teacher turned stay at home mom lives a peaceful life in the Midwest with her three children and husband. Known for her simple living, Amanda shows seasons passing in an elegant manner while sharing stories and photos of their sweet and soul filling farmhouse and family. Her feed and blog provide us with new ways to use all natural products, oils, and organic recipes. @Mamawatters is truly a breath of fresh air.

" We do things thoughtfully and with an intention to squeeze meaning out of the most humble of tasks. It’s where we rejoice in the realness of homemaking and motherhood and together simple joys that have been collected throughout the rhythm of our day to share with you." 

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Jeannette Ogden


An OC health enthusiast, yoga instructor, wife, and mom to a five-month-old boy. Yeah, she does it all.

With a name like Shutthekaleup, you can tell this mom knows how to laugh at the small things and keeps it real. Speaking of real, Jeanette has no shame in talking about things that challenge moms on a day to day basis. An advocate for all things organic, and for a happy life. ShuttheKaleUp is where she shares pictures of her little one and food you will drool over. "we're all in this together. Health starts when you let go and start to live. Enjoy the little things. "

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Esther Freedman

You’ve heard everything is bigger in Texas. Well, in this case, it's cuter.

Esther Freedman, founder, and designer started @Cuteheadkids as a simple line of knit basics but has watched her brand become bigger than just that; it's blossomed into an entire collection and a blog. A lover of tiny humans, animals, and her booming business! Being a wife and mom to two sweet girls and one dog child is not an easy task, but she sure makes it look good. If you're looking for more cute heads, head over to her blog “Cuteness” and check them out!

Tayler Golden

Well if this isn't the most quaint and cozy Instagram feed we've ever seen. Creator of Mywildbird, “A happy place for your little birds” carrying slings for your newborn or toddler, Tayler Golden is a mommy and a girl boss. Autumn leaves and mountain backdrops do make for beautiful pictures, but you can feel the warmth and genuine care for her little humans and family life. Growing peaches in her backyard, building forts in the living room, Tayler’s feed is a home sweet home.

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 Sandra Laflemme

It's a bird; It's a plane. No, it's Sandra Laflemme, or @organicrunnermom. This mom is always on the run..literally. As if being a mom to two kids isn’t enough work, Sandra also loves to Standup Paddle Boarding, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Climbing (Indoors only so far), Yoga and strength training. This mom will inspire you to get outdoors and get moving! Whether you’re looking for nutrition tips, workout tips, mom talk, or just some motivation for the every day - look no further!

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Brooke Froelich

A research scientist, trail runner, storyteller, backcountry skier, student, climber, adventurer, friend, mountain biker, violinist, but most importantly, mom.

Brooke introduces her family and her home life in Utah while posting bits of her love for nature, her boys and pup, and a peaceful life. Her pictures will have you smiling and probably buying a ticket to Utah too. Wholehearted happiness shines through every aspect of her feed, even if it is snowing.

"Love fiercely and steadily, foster curiosity, value adventure, and above all, cultivate kindness."

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Kat Chen

Momspiration alert - Kat Chen AKA @poosekat, is changing the game. Certified trainer, and certified boss! Kat has created a feed where she posts her daily adventures of mom life and works life combined. A co-founder of Boobs4Food, open to the public events at local hunger awareness organizations, agencies and hunger-related special events (currently in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and in NYC), where you can volunteer to feed the hungry. When she isn't helping the world and family, you’ll see her sharing workouts and simple recipes for a healthy life.

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Settled in Virginia is this dream chasing, healthy living, happy mommy of two!

Stephanie doesn’t just make living healthy and organic look easy, she makes it easy for her readers! Her feed has recipes that are meant for moms on the go, and for families that care about real nutrition in their life. Fair warning, do not look at her feed if hungry. A mix of yoga, paleo posts, and a whole, happy life!

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Jennifer Gelman

If there’s one thing we can all agree on as a parent, it's that time is of the essence, and Jennifer shows us exactly how she uses the time to her advantage. As a mom of 4 boys, she understands that being a parent can be trying at times, and stresses the importance of good health and an active lifestyle. With a Ph.D. and a certification from The American Council on Exercise with specialties in Pre and Post Natal exercise, TRX, Yoga, and Fitness Nutrition, Jennifer’s posts hold vital information that anyone can use to better themselves or their life. She makes sure to include her boys playing and having fun, and a refreshingly raw view of her home life.

"Staying active not only puts my health as a priority, but it gives me the strength, endurance, and energy to take on the demands of parenthood, stay sane, and laugh at the craziness of trying to balance it all."

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Kristy Ardo

Founder and Creator of @Baby_Fit Gym, Kristy Ardo keeps things moving in and out of the house. With two boys, she found it hard to get to the gym at the end of the day. That's where her business started to bloom, she decided to turn the world into her gym, and include her boys in the process! A dedicated athlete since high school, Kristy knows nutrition is a key factor in a healthy life for her and her kids. Online Personal Training, a stroller fit guide for on the go fitness advice for moms, and her family adventures in Arizona are all posted for your daily scroll!

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Danielle Aceino

A daily delight, Danielle has created a way to embrace the magic in the mundane.

A mom of 3 boys, writer, photographer, and a creative! Danielle, accompanied by her husband Jimmy, run a media company celebrating young love and the beauty of the adventure along the way. Whether you're looking for new treats, tricks, or tips, her Instagram feed has a welcoming way of showing how to laugh at the little things, and really learning to love them. Sweet and soulful, her posts have depth - and some feature quite possibly the cutest baby giggles we've seen. There is such a genuine feeling shared from her thoughts, posts, and those she connects with, and in a world that is constantly portraying something that it isn't, that goes a long way.

It's the little things in life, right?

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