Cute Christmas Eve Ideas to Enjoy With Your Little Ones

What to leave out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

Santa and his reindeer work up quite the appetite as they travel from house to house on Christmas Eve. In the spirit of the holidays, many families remember to leave out some treats to keep them fueled up for their journey.

Milk and cookies for Santa and a carrot or apple for Rudolph are old standbys, but we have some suggestions for those of you who would like to make your house stand out and maybe even begin a fun new holiday tradition.

Write a thank you letter to Santa

There’s nothing better than a nice personal note to thank Santa for all his hard work. And, he treasures children’s creative artwork. So, have your little ones decorate a “Thank You, Santa!” cookie plate or write a thank you note with lots of illustrations. All you’ll need to provide is a few craft supplies and a plain white paper plate or sheet of paper. Some ideas in include red and green crayons or paint, glitter, ribbons and Christmas-themed stamps. Santa will most certainly appreciate the nice gesture and take the memento to show the elves at the North Pole.

Shelf stable milk

You never know exactly when Santa will arrive, and often it is many hours after bedtime. If you leave out a conventional glass of milk too long, it won’t taste as fresh and might not be safe to drink after too many hours. It’s a better idea to leave out a shelf stable Sneakz milk shake. The magical mix of organic milk, veggies and other ingredients deliciously disguises the veggie nutrition, and it doesn’t require refrigeration until it’s opened. Santa will be enjoying a creamy and yummy treat, but also getting some essential nutrients that he needs to keep him healthy. And, he can take the convenient carton to sip in the sleigh as he heads on to his next destination.

Healthy treats for Santa

If every house leave Santa cookies, that sure is a lot of calories. This is a great teachable moment according to She suggests serving a healthy snack along with cookies and milk. “Santa will probably have a bite of the cookie, and then finish the healthy snack. He is SO great about leading by example.”

Check out these great ideas for healthy on-the-go snacks; we think Santa would love these as much as little ones do. And, if you are looking for cookie recipes, visit The North Pole’s website to find some of Mrs. Klaus' favorites.

Reindeer Food

Sure Santa works hard, but don’t forget that his nine reindeer will be pulling that heavy sleigh full of toys all night. Why not leave them some Magic Reindeer Food? This sweet snack helps them find your house more easily and will give them a boost of energy. While many Internet recipes call for glitter, which can be harmful to birds and animals if ingested, we recommend substituting sprinkles or sugar crystals.