Celebrating Mom is a Family Affair

Mother’s Day – which falls on May 14 this year – is just a few days away.

As the countdown begins, many of us will be scrambling to find a gift for the most important woman in our lives. However, we shouldn’t overlook this opportunity to get little ones involved in plans to make Mother’s Day special for their mom.

This is a great time to talk to the kids about mom’s roles and responsibilities.

For example, in many families, moms take the lead in trying to make sure everybody eats well and stays healthy. So, in this case, asking to eat those veggies is just another way moms show how much they care.

(a little humor inspired by The Simpsons)

By having kids take a little time to think about all mom does for her family and how they can show appreciation for her, you’re teaching them important lessons about respect and gratitude.

Follow us this week as we count down to Mother’s Day by sharing ideas for helping kids celebrate mom and make her feel special, loved and recognized.