What it's like to Win a Year of Free Sneakz

Jennifer Mays has an interesting—and lucrative—hobby. The Tucson mother of two spends an hour or two each day entering contests and sweepstakes, and it’s paid off several times. Her most recent win will continue to pay off for quite some time: She was the winner of the One Year of Free Sneakz contest and receives three 12-packs of Sneakz in the flavors of her choice each month.

Savviness Pays Off

Even though it’s her hobby, Jennifer is choosy about the contests she enters, especially when the prizes would be shared with her children.

“I made the effort to enter because, after researching the product, I decided it would be healthy beverage for my kids,” she says. “I am picky in regards to what I feed my family and I buy organic, non-GMO items whenever possible. Had this been a contest for a year’s supply of soda or other nutritionally-void sugary beverage, I would not have entered.”

Just to be safe, though, she purchased a couple of cartons of Sneakz before accepting the prize, and was happy that her children liked them. 

“My 6-year-old son likes chocolate best. My 3-year-old daughter likes vanilla or strawberry. I give Sneakz to the kids with their afternoon snack, or as their beverage with lunch or dinner. I primarily reserve the Sneakz for my kids, but my husband and I have one on occasion. I prefer vanilla and my husband the chocolate.”

After her Year of Free Sneakz is complete, Jennifer says she would continue to purchase the product.

“I like Sneakz because it is portable, shelf-stable, gluten-free—my son is gluten-intolerant, carrageen-free, organic and non-GMO,” she says. “I also love that it has vegetables and provides a good dose of Vitamin A per serving. Vitamin A is so important for building a healthy immune system which is very important to me, a parent who is very much into nutrition and natural health.

“I just asked my 6-year-old why he likes Sneakz and his exact words to me were, ‘Because it has a good source of protein.’ What a proud mom I am, that my kids are learning the importance of healthy eating.”