Host an Official Sneakz Day at School

School kids get to host their very own "Sneakz Day" party. 

When Cristal, one enthusiastic California school teacher, reached out to us about her idea to host a Sneakz Day party, we were thrilled to show support. We worked through the idea and decided to donate Sneakz product and goodies to her little ones. She and her class responded with an over the top celebration by creating little Bandit cards and making an awesome Sneakz song!

Click Here to Listen to the Sneakz Song 

Host A Sneakz Day at Your School

If you're a teacher or a parent and would like to host a Sneakz Day at your school, then we would love to work with you to do so. To participate, please email with the subject line titled "Host A Sneakz Day" and a brief message describing why you'd like your school to be considered*.

**We have Sneakz available for Sneakz Day campaigns but supplies are limited so every school might not get selected.

We Want Healthier Kids

Studies show that there are many factors that contribute to childhood obesity or simply lack of balanced diets in kids. Most notably parents face issues like: Hectic work schedules, lack of money or resources, little time available to spend with their children (to control what they are eating), and the broader availability of nutrient-dense foods.