Summertime Bucket List for Kids

Do your little ones have a summertime bucket list?

School’s out of session, and you may be wondering how you can help keep your kids healthy, active and learning.

You’ve probably heard of a “bucket list” for adults, but a bucket list can also be a useful tool for planning summer activities for kids. Rather than trips of a lifetime, you’ll want to focus on fun activities that can help make this a memory-filled summer for kids and parents alike.

We’ve compiled a list full of ideas to help get you started. Get your kids involved by asking them what they’d like to do this summer. Then, create your very own Summer 2016 Bucket List!

Keep your bucket list posted where the whole family can see it. And, be sure to take photos as you complete the bucket list activities, so that you can create a photo album of all the things you did this summer.

15 Kids’ Summer Bucket List Ideas

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