Why Sneakz Is Good For Your Little Ones

Going from YUCK to YUM

Getting kids to eat their veggies can be a struggle. Parents recognize that vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are essential in helping children develop and lead healthy lives. But, nine out of 10 children don't eat enough of them, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Sneakz has a rich history in natural foods and its team has been motivated by a desire to help kids eat better and take children’s perception of veggies from “YUCK!” to “YUM!” Sneakz founders came up with a fun and easy solution for feeding little ones their daily veggies – deliciously disguising vegetable nutrition in tasty USDA organic milkshakes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors.

With great taste and positive nutrition from organic whole foods, Sneakz is a nutritious snack and better-for-you treat that kids love. Every shake of yummy goodness provides 1g of fiber, 5g of protein, and vitamins from whole food sources – including 40% DV of vitamin A, 20% DV of calcium and 6% DV of iron. Made with simple, clean USDA Organic ingredients, Sneakz contains no GMOs, antibiotics or synthetic hormones, and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It also satisfies special dietary needs by not containing any gluten ingredients and is free of carrageenan.

Try comparing Sneakz to other flavored milk drinks, and you’ll see that Sneakz not only tastes just as good, but is a much healthier alternative

Sneakz vs. The competition

Try comparing Sneakz to other flavored milk drinks, and you’ll see that Sneakz not only tastes just as good, but is a much healthier alternative, with more fiber and less sugar and sodium per serving than many leading chocolate milk brands, including Hershey and Horizon Organic.

Versus V8 Original, Sneakz is lower in sodium, contains organic ingredients, is free from preservatives and has a yummy flavor that kids actually enjoy drinking.

Homemade and packaged smoothies are a popular option, but many have a high fruit to veggie ratio and can be high in sugar. Sneakz provides a quick, convenient and great tasting way to offer kids a variety of vegetables, along with the benefits of organic dairy.

The Benefits of Sneakz

Half Serving of Veggies

Starring a colorful mix of five nutrient-rich vegetables — carrot, cauliflower, sweet potato, spinach and beets, — Sneakz effectively delivers key nutrients that young children need at their age, along with more fiber and less sugar than other leading flavored milks in the marketplace and many smoothie and bended juice drinks. Each 8 ounce box has 1/2 serving of veggies, making it a delicious snack with nutritional benefits for a balanced diet. The shelf-stable packaging is great for lunchboxes.

USDA Organic Certified with No GMOs

Our Non-GMO and grass fed cows produce the highest quality organic skim milk which is healthy and safe for your little ones. We use nutrient-rich organic vegetables, and our chocolate flavor features Organic Dutch Cocoa. And, our Tetra Pak containers are BPA free.

Natural Cane Sugar

Sneakz is sweetened with natural cane sugar and has fewer grams per ounce than flavored milks by Organic Valley and Horizon Organic.

Often kids don't like the taste of white milk and simply won't drink it. Flavored milks, like our chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, appeal to kids, so they are more likely to drink them. Flavored milks have less sugar than sodas and many juice drinks and pack in a whole lot more nutrition. "Used along with nutrient rich foods and beverages, sugar can be a powerful tool to increase the quality of a child's diet," according to an American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement.