Sip The Goodness

Enjoy Sneakz, yummy organic milkshakes with half-serving of veggies for kids and join the conversation on social media using hashtag, #sipthegoodness.

Video Overview: The little boy in this commercial is not so happy because he lost his tennis match. As mom peaks in the room to check on him, she realizes her son would rather be skateboarding than playing tennis. So of course mom decides to help cheer him up by purchasing him his very own skateboard. Before long the little boy is cruising down the driveway on the board and takes a spill learning how to ride. Not to worry, mom is right there by his side and shares in this adventure by rewarding him with a delicious treat. In the end, they both get what they want because, little does he know, Mom is playing Bandit the Fox and sneaking healthy veggies into his yummy feel-good snack.